Rip Out The Threads

by Frau Eva

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released July 6, 2009

All Songs Written and Arranged by Frau Eva




Frau Eva Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Peregrine Veil
The fragrance of stone, rises in the rain The mists, so they rose, carpet the lane There the young man walked, easy on his cane He breathes the chilled air, but he is not the same Peregrine veil, clipped hastily Over the chimneys and into the sea Oh, blackened sheath, you swallow the froth The opacity shadowed the shore as it cros’t He enters the gate, where the dahlias grow thick Catches her eye, she understands quick He’s tender in years, but still she can see Time’s black shale, is etched on his eyes In the blue night, the secrets come undone Coils of their minds, sewn up in the fray Rip out the threads, scatter scars to the winds The ghosts of the stones, at last can escape
Track Name: Morrissey Smiling
I once lay face down in the river To hold my breath and count the shivers I was the only young man crying in the water And in the morning ma was yelling at my father But these days it seems the world’s talking ‘bout me Though they’re dancing without me But they say that I’m doing well They say I turned some ship around And it’s not that I wish I drowned It’s just that since I reached the sand I don’t know who I am Oh no It’s like would you recognize Morrissey smiling With the sun crawling up and hanging from his shoulder? Would you recognize Morrissey smiling Like I betrayed a broken heart for a quiet daze? Since I left my home all the past feels like I’m dreaming I dreamt I was a man whose soul was worth redeeming And I miss my family’s sad and graceful weeping willow tree And the mourning dove my first true love who cried her lonely tears for me And I recall one decent man Who said he’d been just where I am And so I asked this battered friend just what is wrong with me He spoke into my ear He said you have nothing to fear Except having nothing to fear And that’s your gypsy curse Oh yes
Track Name: Don't Wait For Me
Wrestling men with their photograph fish Came to visit but stayed Curious dancers with wings on their faces Fight for the right to your body He spent all his nights in the sewing room singing Inaudible melodies Old woman weeping the saltiest tears ‘Cause you don't know her And she wanted to say Wait for me But its good that you died when you did But Roy, since you got your disease Have you ever seen The girl from long ago Tried to leave you once With her finest clothes In her shiny new suitcase And oh, since you've been confused She's been so abused By the voice in your hollow body